Ancient Merv

The ancient Merv is located near the river of Murghab, nearby of the modern city of Bairam-Ali, approximately 30 km from the city of Mary.  During the 10th century, Merv was one of the largest and powerful cities in the world. The ruins of the city walls and fortresses are what left of the huge magnificent city. …

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Darvaza – Door to hell

There are many photos and videos on the internet of «Door to hell», where you can watch fire erupting in the middle of Darvaza village. The view of the flame burning in the desert is bewitching and intriguing. But not many have an idea how this wonder appeared, located in 266km to the north of …

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Welcome to Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan, country of Central Asia borders with Afganistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the Caspian Sea. Approximately 80% covered by the Karakum sands, one of the largest deserts in the world. It is the second-largest state in Central Asia, after Kazakhstan, and is the most southern of the region’s five republics. Kopetdag Mountains, lying in the …

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