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About our team

“Balkansyyahat” State Travel Enterprise has been established in 1998 and today is one of
the leading tourist companies in Turkmenistan. Specializing in tailor-made tours in Central
Asia, our highly professional, flexible and knowledgeable team designs itineraries for
sophisticated travelers who desire a deeper knowledge of both past and present cultures
in Turkmenistan and the whole of Central Asia. We can always adapt itineraries and
programs to match your wishes. In low season periods, our team travels through
Turkmenistan in search of new exciting destinations, as well as stay on top of new
developments in well-traveled parts of our country. This way we try to ensure that our
advice to you is as accurate and realistic as possible. We’ll be proud to have you as our

About our country

Turkmenistan hosts a vast number of fascinating monuments from the time of the Bronze
Age, the Early Silk Road Era through to the arrival of the Mongolian armies, when
Margush, Nissa, Merw and Kunya Urgench were centers of the Bactrian-Margianian
civilization, and of the Parthian, Seljuk and Khorezm empires respectively.
The development of a distinct Turkmen national identity started with the arrival of the first
Turkic peoples into the region in the 10th century. Their descendants established the
various Turkmen tribes, such as the Teke, Yomut, Ersary, Saryk and Chowdur. Through
the centuries the Turkmen people have managed to retain their tribal peculiarities and
traditions. Turkmen carpets, Ahalteke horses, embroidery and jewelry reflect the values
that still mark Turkmen people today. Turkmen artisans still practice centuries-old crafts,
from carpet to jewelry making and silk weaving.
And although almost 80% of Turkmenistan is made up of desert, Turkmenistan also offers
surprisingly impressive and varied landscapes, flora and fauna. Subtropical forest valleys,
limestone canyons, karst caves and salt lakes can be found in the mountainous parts of
the country. The numerous mineral springs that can be found throughout the country can
be enjoyed at several excellent sanatoria. And Awaza at the Caspian Sea offers top quality
resorts at the beach.
We invite you to visit Turkmenistan, where you can experience nature’s beauty and
historical monuments, where old traditions come alive and where you can step from an
ancient culture into the world of modern post -independence architecture, where hospitality
and friendliness of the Turkmen people are as warm and constant as the hot rays of the

About our services

Next to tailor-made advice, “Balkansyyahat”State Travel Enterprise offers all services
related to your travel in Turkmenistan. Most important, we are authorized to provide Letters of Invitation that you will need in order to get your Tourist Visa. We own a large fleet of reliable vehicles (both on and off road), facilitate hotel bookings, airline and train
ticket purchases, employ a wide variety of experienced and dedicated guides (English,
German, French, and Japanese), and have our own camping gear. For details on specific
services, such as those for Ahalteke horse riding or Silk Road biking tours, please contact
us directly.

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